"A Safer Way to Polish" in the heart of LA

Take one look inside POLISHBAR and you’ll realize that this is not your average nail salon. Look even deeper and you’ll notice that no detail was overlooked, especially the customer. In the mood for a manicure? Slide a chair up to the bar and enjoy a complimentary organic beverage while your fingers get polished, or relax in one of our cozy pedicure chairs and watch some reality television.

POLISHBAR boasts Zoya 5-free nail polish, water based polish for the kiddos and expectant mothers (future kiddos), plant based nail polish remover, non-toxic lotions and scrubs, ceramic non-porous pedicure bowls (no mold or bacteria here) and a hospital-grade autoclave (for proper sterilization of equipment, only 1% of salons do this). In short, POLISHBAR takes the environment into consideration and most importantly, YOU.


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